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Transportation Security Officer: Your Total Compensation

We are continually working to provide our TSOs with a competitive compensation package that includes:

• Competitive Salary (based on locality)   • Medical, Dental and Vision Benefit Plans
• Vacation and Sick Leave   • Retirement Savings Account
• Transportation Subsidies   • Promotion/Advancement Opportunities
This tool will walk you through the total compensation and many benefits, in dollar terms, you may receive as a federal employee with the TSA.
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Total Compensation is based on a Full Time Transportation Security Officer D-Band Position. Total Compensation for Part Time TSO D-Band Positions vary based on hours worked. The dollar amounts presented above are an estimation and may not be indicative of your actual compensation which is based on a variety of factors including personal choices you make about your benefits. This tool is for estimation purposes only; all dollar values and percentages are subject to change. This is not an offer or guarantee of employment with the Transportation Security Administration.