Diversity and inclusion is critical to organizational success because the benefits impact recruitment through retention of TSA employees.
The TSA Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Program
  • Provides training and outreach, policy development, and workforce analysis.
  • Oversees the Diversity Advisory Council and the Diversity and Inclusion Change Agents Program.
  • Hosts a variety of educational events, including Special Emphasis Programs, webinars, and brown bag seminars.
  • Seeks to raise employee awareness of the importance of diversity and demonstrates the agency's commitment to an inclusive workplace.
TSA Creates Value Through Several Dimensions of Diversity!

Diversity of Thought

A person’s full potential must be recognized by acknowledging and appreciating their unique perspective and different way of thinking.

Military Experience

Embracing people who are transitioning out of the military, their military experience and cultural background, while promoting TSA’s culture creates immediate win-win situations for all parties.


Our values influence our behaviors and attitudes, and help us to understand about other cultures and differences.


A truly effective diversity policy includes all aspects of diversity, including gender identity and gender expression.