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This special online tool is specifically designed for TSA Hiring Managers and HR Specialists. It explains the recruitment and hiring process for non-executive Management, Administrative, and Professional (MAP) positions. This guide contains background material, instructions, and advice for each phase of the non-executive MAP hiring process and has links to TSA policy documents and other valuable resources.

The procedures outlined in this guide should also be used to support hiring for non-executive Federal Air Marshal (FAM) positions, with the exception of G Band flying FAMS.  Hiring guidance for G Band flying FAM positions are addressed in a separate FAM Hiring Guide.

Hiring to fill Transportation Security Officer positions is not covered in this guide, with the exception that Lead Transportation Security Officer (LTSO), Supervisory Transportation Security Officer (STSO), Expert Transportation Security Officer (ETSO), and Master Transportation Security Officer (MTSO) are considered MAP positions.  Therefore, hiring to fill these positions will follow the procedures outlined in this guide.  

This document is designed to get you thinking about the hiring process and actions you will need to take. It will help prepare you for conversations with your HR Professional and provide a better understanding of your role and accountability in the hiring process, with the goal of improving the quality of candidates and reducing the overall time to hire.

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To begin an introduction to Hiring Reform in the Federal Government, TSA Hiring Flexibilities, and the MAP Offer Management Interface (MAP OMI), click on the Background book or click here.

To begin looking for information and instructions about any part of the hiring process, click on the Four Phases of the MAP Hiring Process topic or click here.

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