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Individuals with Disabilities

TSA is committed to increasing the opportunities for employment of individuals with disabilities (IWDs) and offers them a workplace to excel.  However, TSA was established under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (P.L. 107-71) as an excepted service agency and, for the most part, is outside of the personnel rules and procedures established by the Office of Personnel Management, such as Schedule A hiring.

While TSA has merit-based hiring processes, these processes are not identical to those used for most of the Federal Government. TSA does, however, have its own distinct non-competitive appointment authority for hiring individuals with disabilities (IWD) as described in Human Capital Memorandum (HCM) No. 300-28.

The IWD policy does not apply to appointments made under the Transportation Security Executive Service (TSES). This appointing authority may not be used to fill positions with mandatory applicant assessment(s) and/or physical and medical requirements (e.g., Transportation Security Officer (TSO) and Federal Air Marshal (FAM) positions).   

For general information pertaining to IWD policies:

TSA HCM 300-28, Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

TSA MD 1100.73-4, Reasonable Accommodation Program

Handbook to MD 1100.73-4, Reasonable Accommodation Program

For general information pertaining to individuals with disabilities policies:


DHS Disability Information

Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments or alterations that enable qualified individuals with disabilities equal opportunity to apply for a job, perform job duties or enjoy benefits and privileges of employment, such as:

An applicant or employee or a third party on their behalf can make a request for reasonable accommodation at any time, even if they have not previously disclosed the existence of a disability. If TSA decision-makers agree that the request is valid, reasonable accommodations will be granted.

Medical information may be required to support a request, but will be confidential to individuals directly related to the process of granting or denying the request.

How to IWDs Apply

Although this is an excepted service agency outside of most personnel rules and procedures, TSA does have a program for the hiring of individuals with disabilities. Individuals with Disabilities are encouraged to apply online via the OPM website at USA Jobs www.USAJOBS.gov or the TSA HRAccess Helpdesk and submit resumes for positions of interest.

For consideration as an IWD, the application must include specific documentation about the disability from a licensed medical professional, a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist, or any Federal agency, state agency or any agency of the District of Columbia or a U.S. territory that issues or provides disability benefits.

The OPM USA Jobs website (www.USAJOBS.gov) is the official TSA jobs and hiring candidate processing tool.  However, if the IWD requires an accommodation or needs assistance to use the OPM system, they should call or email a HRAccess Specialist:

  1. Call 877-872-7990 or TDD 877-872-7992 to speak with a representative who can guide the applicant through the application process.

  2. Alternatively, the TDD number is 877-872-7992.

  3. Send email to Helpdesk@mailserver-hraccess.tsa.dhs.gov  for assistance.


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