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Employee Information
  • HR Resources For TSA Employees

  • This link opens a page containing PDF files and links to HR Resources available to TSA employees. Topics include EPP & eOPF and factsheets on retirement, benefits, military service deposits, beneficiary, and leave without pay. No login ID or password is required.

  • 2014 Open Season Information Available

  • This link opens the Federal Benefits Open Season Materials page which contains links to documentation and information needed during open season. Topics include Open Season Checklist, Circle Round Your Benefits, Frequently Questioned Services, Open Season Resources, Benefits Newsletter, Quick Reference Guide, FAQs, and Significant Plan Changes. No login ID or password is required.

  • Obtain DD 214 Online

  • This link takes you to the online military personnel records request system of the National Archives Veterans and Their Families website. You can request your military records by following the instructions on the bottom half of the page. No login ID or password is required.

  • Office of Personnel Management

  • This link takes you to the home page of the OPM website. You can obtain information about jobs in the federal government, benefits, salaries, employment forms, and a wealth of other information for and about federal employees. No login ID or password is required.

  • VF Solutions (Uniforms)

  • This link takes you to the VF Imagewear Online Uniform Center for TSA Employees. See what is available for sale and purchase items for work. This site requires a login ID and password. For assistance call Customer Service at 800-334-9087.

  • Employee Update

  • A new link added to the employee information section on HRAccess home page

  • SEL Statement User Guide

  • This link opens a user guide for the SEL Statement (Statement of Earnings and Leave). This comprehensive User Guide explains how to access your SEL, the different types of information reported on your SEL, and the possible fields you will see on your SEL. You can print a copy of the guide to keep at your desk. No login ID or password is required.

  • TSP Roth Feature Brochure

  • This link opens a brochure describing the features of TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) and Roth TSP. No login ID or password is required.

  • Unemployment Information and Form

  • This link opens the SF-8 form for unemployment.

  • Furlough Information

  • This link displays a page of information in the event there is a Federal Government mandated furlough.

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